On Wednesday 10th January, The Ethos Group led the worship on our new gospel value of truthfulness. They talked about Paul in his letter to Ephesus and how wearing the armour of God  will give you the help you need, to live a christian life.
Ethan demonstrated for us how to wear armour:
- The belt of truth;
- the breastplate of righteousness;
- the shield of faith;
the helmet of salvation;
- the sword of spirit
They finished with a prayer they had written themselves.
In order to introduce our new Christian value, for this half term, The Ethos Group led the collective worship about the value of peace.
They spoke about how Jesus came into the world bringing peace with Him. They told the school about how Jesus brought Peace to other people, the storms and our life today.
Ethos Group asked the children what peace meant to them and where they would find it. They finished with their own prayer on peace.
The Ethos Group led a collective worship on the meaning of Christingle. They explained to the children the gifts and talents that God has given us. They used the Christingle, to explain how God is generous in His gifts to us.
The orange - the gift of the world
The red ribbon - the gift of love
The sticks and sweets - the gift of the seasons and animals and plants.
the candle - the gift of a path out of darkness - His Son- Jesus Christ.
They finished with a prayer that they had written.
Christ be our light,
Christ be our peace,
Christ be our hope,
Christ be our joy,
Christ be always with us.
We lit the candle as we sang Light of the World.
The Ethos group led a whole school worship to introduce our new gospel value - Thankfulness. 
They talked about what we should be thankful for and how the people in the bible gave thanks to God.
they finished with their own prayer on thankfulness.
The ethos Group led the school worship on Pentecost. they explained that Jesus said to his disciples, that they were to wait.
 When the Holy Spirit arrived, the disciples were filled with courage and the ability to speak different languages.
3000 people were saved and the Christian church was born.
The Ethos group closed the assembly with a Pentecost prayer.
The Ethos group led our whole school worship, on Wednesday 24th May. They explained the meaning of Ascension.  They told us that 40 days after the resurrection, Jesus ascended to heaven. They spoke about friends and how the disciples felt when Jesus left. A series of pictures was held up to depict Jesus on the mountain, the cloud covering him and then Jesus gone.
The assembly ended with the Ethos Group reading a prayer they had written on Ascension. 
As Easter is approaching The Ethos Group have made 2 Easter gardens. One to represent the crucifixion and the other to represent the tomb. Lots of thought and fun went into making these gardens to display in school. 
The ethos group designed their own badges. Everyone contributed their ideas but the final design chosen belonged to Mia.
The Ethos group led a whole school assembly, explaining the reason that we have Lent.  They spoke about Jesus in the desert and the temptations that he faced with the devil. The Ethos group performed a dramatic interpretation of the story, then read a prayer that they had written especially for Lent.
The Ethos group asked the school to complete a 'footprint' to be displayed in a whole school book on what the children might sacrifice for Lent.
Inside the footprint the children wrote: This Lent I will be thinking of Jesus by.........
Christian Aid
On Monday 5th December, a gentleman, John from Christian Aid, came to talk to the children.
He brought a sackful of gifts, which contained some aspect of Christian life.
John discussed how Christian Aid are helping refugees, this Christmas; how we could include them in our Christmas prayers.
We are all lights of Jesus and should try to give light to others.
The ethos Group explained to the school the symbols and meaning of the Chrsitingle.
Mrs Smith lit the candles and turned the lights off as we sang: Light an Advent Candle, Christ Be Our Light and Like a Candle Flame.
It was a very special assembly where we took time to reflect how Jesus is the Light of the world.
Shortly after the half term holidays, the Ethos Group introduced the new gospel value of Hope. They did this by once again leading a whole school act of worship. They introduced the value of Hope by telling the Bible story, The Prodigal Son. Throughout The Prodigal Son, the father never gives up hope that his son will return and is rewarded in the end, when he eventually does. The children explained that we should use our faith and never give up Hope. They finished with their own prayer for Hope.
The Ethos Group presented a whole school assembly on this terms Gospel Value - Friendship. They explained that Jesus prayed to his Father for the right friends and spoke about the qualities they thought Jesus would like such as: courage, respect, understanding, ability to listen and help one another.
The Ethos Group then read a friendship prayer that they had written. A copy of this  can be found on the termly prayer section of the Ethos Group page.
As we approach advent, The Ethos Group explained to the whole school the meaning of the Christingle orange. They explained what each of the symbols represents and even dressed Ethan as a human Christingle to demonstrate.
  •  the orange represents the world;
  • the red ribbon the blood spilt for us;
  • the 4 sticks are the seasons;
  • the sweets represent plants, animals and nature God created for us;
  • the candle demonstrates that Jesus is the light of the world and the hope it gives to people.
Throughout the school the children have had great fun making their own Christingles.
On Friday 25th November the whole school collected together for a special Christingle service, in the hall. All the children brought their Christingle and the Ethos Group lit theirs at the front.
We sang:
  •  Light and Advent Candle
  • Like a Candle Flame
  • Christ be Our Light.