Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


A very warm welcome to our class page.

Class 2 is home to a mixed age group of Year 1 and Year 2 children. Mrs Morris is the class teacher. Mrs Woods (Teaching Assistant) works alongside Mrs Morris in the mornings. We are then joined by Mrs Davies ( Teaching Assistant) in the afternoons.

We are looking forward to a busy and productive year in Class 2, learning lots of new and exciting things, and having some fun along the way!

We hope you will join us on our journey and visit our class page as we celebrate your child's achievements and provide you with an insight in to school life and learning in Class 2.

The Class 2 page will also serve as a useful tool to inform parents of things such as; routines and forthcoming events. As the year progresses we will have links to useful and informative websites to support you as parents with your child's learning.

We look forward to working in partnership with parents this year, and as always if you have any questions or queries about your child's learning, then do not hesitate to come and speak to Mrs Morris. Thank you

In Year 2 the name of the phonics and reading schemes we use are:

Phonics Bug

Oxford Reading Tree

Literacy Links

Letters and Sounds



Grow Your own Potatoes.
This year Class 2 have embarked upon a grow your own journey. Earlier this year, Class 2 planted their own potatoes, thanks to the potato council. The children have been involved throughout the whole process.
The first step was  Chitting which simply means encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout before planting. They were kept in a warm place to encourage this.
Then they moved on to planting their potatoes. The children took responsibility for this; filling bags with compost then planting the potato seeds in special potato sacks.
Caring, once again, this was a role for the children making sure that the potatoes were sprouting and if needed watering.
Harvesting, during the week of 19th June, Class 2 spent some time harvesting their potatoes. They managed to harvest quite a bumper crop.
Cooking,  one of the only jobs the children didn't do. Our cook, kindly sliced and then baked the potatoes managing to turn them in to delicious crisps.
Tasting, once again this job fell to the children and of course the staff. Everyone was amazed at how good the crisps tasted, much nicer than shop bought.
The children enjoyed this wonderful and educational experience, learning where and how one of our food products is grown.
World Book Day!
On Thursday 9th March, Class 2 celebrated World Book Day. There were some fantastic costumes from a range of stories and genres, including: tradditional tales, Roald Dahl and other children's classics.
This week we have concluded our English work on Traditional tales. The year 2 children have enjoyed planning and writing their own version of Goldilocks. The Year 1's have worked with their partners using the story cubes and setting wheels to create their own stories using the features of a traditional story. 
This week in Maths, we have explored measures as our key topic. The Year 1 children have been problem solving; comparing longer and shorter numbers; and beginning to use centimetres and metres in their practical work.
The Year 2's have been learning how to accurately measure length and height using centimetres and metres. The children used their estimation skills to predict how many centimetres long and wide the school playground was.
In science, the children have been exploring which objects can change shape. The Year 2's described how the properties of a material can affect how an object changes from its original form.
Tuesday 17th January 2017
KS1 Trip to Liverpool Cathedral
The children in KS1 had the fantastic opportunity to visit Liverpool Cathedral recently. We were given  a personalised tour by our friendly and fun guide. He gave us lots of interesting information about the history of the cathedral building. The children also got to reproduce their very own stained glass windows depicting the scene of 'The wise Men's Visit.'
Here's what some of the children in Class 2 had to say about this magnificent building:
Declyn: "It's dead clean, isn't it?"
Sophia: "The windows are beautiful."
Check out the photographs of our visit below.
This term we will be exploring a range of traditional tales and fairy stories. We will examine  the features of this genre  and compare and contrast  different versions of the same text. We will explore stories through drama, music, video and radio. We will conclude this topic by creating our own version of a traditional story. The year 2's will also focus on developing key skills in Reading Comprehension activities.
Year 2 will continue to develop and consolidate the key concepts of place value, number and addition and subtraction using 2 digit numbers. Year 1's will continue to develop fluency in recalling number bonds and doubles to 20. We will also carry on developing our reasoning and problem solving skills using practical games and activities.
This term we have begun our science topic on materials. Year 1 will focus on naming and identifying a range of materials through first hand exploration of both raw materials and examples of a range of materials in both the indoor and outdoor environment.
Year 2 will focus on and explore the properties of materials through exploration and making simple predictions in practical experiments.
Our topic this term will focus on "Jesus as our Friend." The children will explore the events of many of the miracles that Jesus performed.
"Let the little children come to me."
In the Autumn Term the children thoroughly enjoyed our History topic comparing 2 intrepid explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.
This term we will be using ICT, maps and practical resources to 'travel around the world.' The children will find out about each of the continents and oceans of our world. They will also focus on the cultures, customs and traditions of some key countries within each of the continents.
We will develop our skills in composition to create traditional tales using: chanting, raps and singing. We will use body percussion and a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

Christmas Journeys - All Saints Church

Wednesday 30th November 2016

On the morning of Wednesday 30th November, Class 2 were treated to a fantastic and fun morning at All Saints Church in Newton-Le-Willows.

The children were able to explore several informative and interactive workshops, re-telling the events from the beginning of time and God's Creation to the birth of Jesus and beyond.

Children and adults all thoroughly enjoyed their morning at All saints Church, and were made to feel very welcome.

The parishioners commented on how well behaved the children in Class 2 were.

Check out the photographs of our exciting visit below.


 Christingle Service

This week Class 2 have been making their own Christingle oranges. Earlier in the week, The Ethos Group had led an assembly to let everyone know the importance of Christingle. They explained what each part of the Christingle orange represents.

The orange symbolises the world God created; the red ribbon is to represent the blood Jesus spilled for us; the sticks stand for the four seasons; the sweets are God's creations; and finally the candle is to symbolise Jesus is the light of the world.

On Friday we held a whole school assembly and everyone had the opportunity to hold their own Christingle orange.

Art -Joan Miro

In Class 2, we have been exploring line, colour and form in the work of Spanish artist; Joan Miro.

In the early weeks, we have looked at and discussed a range of the artist's work. We used view finders to take a closer look at colour, shape, symbols and patterns. We also discussed what we liked or didn't like about the artist's work. Here's what some of the children had to say:

"He's really colourful in his work!" Kenzie - Year 1.

"Some of the symbols look a bit like cats, don't they?" Sophia - Year 2.

We picked out our favourite shapes, symbols, colours and experimented re-creating them.

We then produced a piece of joint art work with a partner. We played 'Roll a Miro' (See the photos).

In the following weeks, we then used our favourite shapes and symbols to create a piece of independent art work. We painted 4 small pieces of card with some of the Primary Colours. We then decorated each piece with our favourite symbols, shapes and patterns. adults then helped us to construct a 3D model using our card pieces. Look at the photos of our display - Doesn't it look great!

Finally, we produced a small group piece of art playing the 'Roll a Miro' game. we were able to draw our symbols and shapes from a choice of the following materials; coloured crayons; coloured chalks; coloured wax crayons; different felt tips; and charcoal. (See photos).

The children have really enjoyed exploring and re-creating some of the artist's work. We became 'Mini Miro's' for a term.

 RE - Special Places

This term the Year 1 and Year 2 children have been discussing and sharing their experiences of special places. The children have brought in photographs of their own special place. We are going to use these photo's to create a class book.

On Wednesday afternoon (21st September), we visited St Helen's Church. We were busy being detectives searching for the special features of a place of worship. The children really enjoyed exploring the building and spotted features they hadn't seen before.