Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


A very warm welcome to our class page.

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In Year 2 the name of the phonics and reading schemes we use are:

Phonics Bug

Oxford Reading Tree

Literacy Links

Letters and Sounds



Dear Parents,


Welcome to Class 2 in what is our final term of the school year. I cannot believe how quick this school year has gone however we still have plenty left to learn and explore this term.


This term, class 2 will be looking at the seaside as part of our new topic. In music, they will be representing sea, sand and waves using a range of percussion instruments. They will also be looking at the families of the orchestra and some famous composers.


In RE, the children will explore the meaning behind Ascension and Pentecost and why the bible is a special book for Christians.


Our English this term will be based around the book The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and the children will create their own stories based on this, as well as learning about coasts for a non-chronological report. 


In art, we will be looking at porthole paintings and creating our own using a mixture of media.


We will also be looking at seasides past and present and exploring the features that make a seaside.


Once again I am looking forward to teaching class 2 in what will be our final term together, as a class.

Mrs Lloyd


Class 2 have been exploring the season of Autumn. We went out for an Autumn woodland walk and discussed what we could hear, see, smell and touch. 
Inspired by their walk and focusing on adjectives and similes, class 2 wrote their own poems, which were then displayed on an Autumn tree, in class.
All About Me
Class 2 have written a fact file all about themselves. This was a great introductory topic for our new class to get to know each other and Mrs Lloyd. Their fact files informed their friends about their age, favourite food, names of their friends and what they enjoy doing at school.
these fact files are really informative and the children enjoyed completing them and reading about each other. They are displayed in class for everyone to see.
Worship Area
We think our worship area is a really important feature in our class room. Our worship area helps us think about our relationship with God. In this quiet, calming area we can write prayers, read The Bible and thank God for all his generosity.
Reading Corner
In Class 2 we absolutely love reading and think that it's really important. In our reading area, we are focusing on the author, Vivien French. We have read,discussed and enjoyed one of her books (Oliver's Vegetables) ready to write and create our own stories.
Making Pizza
As part of our topic, Food Glorious Food, Class 2 designed their own pizzas. They had a variety of toppings to choose from and could decide what to put on their pizzas. The children learned many skills and got to demonstrate how they could: chop, grate and spread as well as other skills required when preparing food. After the children had built their pizzas, they were transferred to our fantastic cook in the kitchen who put them in the oven for us.
then during the afternoon both classes 1 and 2 had a teddy bear's picnic and got to sample the pizzas.
Luckily for the staff, there was plenty of pizza to go round and it was delicious.