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Welcome to Class 2


A very warm welcome to our class page.

Class 2 is home to a mixed age group of Year 1 and Year 2 children. Mrs Morris is the class teacher. Mrs Woods (Teaching Assistant) works alongside Mrs Morris in the mornings. We are then joined by Mrs Davies (Teaching Assistant) in the afternoons. Mrs Conlon (Teaching Assistant) works in Class 2.

We are looking forward to a busy and productive year in Class 2, learning lots of new and exciting things, and having some fun along the way!

We hope you will join us on our journey and visit our class page as we celebrate your child's achievements and provide you with an insight in to school life and learning in Class 2.

The Class 2 page will also serve as a useful tool to inform parents of things such as; routines and forthcoming events. As the year progresses we will have links to useful and informative websites to support you as parents with your child's learning.

We look forward to working in partnership with parents this year, and as always if you have any questions or queries about your child's learning, then do not hesitate to come and speak to Mrs Morris.

Thank you

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In Year 2 the name of the phonics and reading schemes we use are:

Phonics Bug

Oxford Reading Tree

Literacy Links

Letters and Sounds



During one of their art lessons, Class 2 took part in and learnt about observational drawing. Mrs Morris, along with Mrs Davies and the class went in to the woodland off the Class 1 playground.
There was lots of nature to watch and observe. They had a wonderful time looking closely at and drawing the leaves from the trees.
This term, during RE, Class 2 are learning all about Baptism. They are learning why we are baptised and all about the ceremony. The children have looked at pictures of the church where people are baptised and were shown pictures of the font. When asked what they thought it was, leon said, "It could be God's Holy sink." Which we thought was a lovely idea. 
Mrs Morris explained what happens during a baptism and spoke about the font and how it was used during the ceremony. The children also learned about the role of Godparents.
Mrs Morris invited the children to bring in any mementos of their baptism's to share and talk about with the class. the children had a lovely afternoon talking about  the precious items they brough to show. 
Easter Service
The children in Class 2 shared the important events pf Holy week, Easter and New life. , in a church service on the morning of Maundy Thursday.
The children delivered this important story confidently and clearly and their behaviour was exceptional. Mrs Morris and all the school staff were extremely proud of their performance.
Thank-you to all the children for their efforts and hard work. Thank you also to the parents and families who joined us for this special service.
We hope you enjoyed it!
Design and Technology
Class 2 have been using their paper folding skills to help them with their design and technology project. They had to use a piece of A4 paper to expertly fold and create a paper plane. The aim was that when the planes were made, the children would see whose plane and design flew the furthest. When they were ready Class 2 went out in to the playground to test out their aeroplane.
This Autumn half term we will be focusing on stories with familiar settings, finding information about various animals from non-fiction texts, ICT and video clips as well as exploring poetry chants, linked to animals and ourselves.
In week 1 the children enjoyed the story, "Not Now Bernard." The children had to use and create their own monster puppets to take on mischievous adventures around school and then write about their own monster adventures.
For the last few weeks, the children have been focusing on the topic Place Value. The Year 1 children have been re-visiting sorting using their own criteria and counting and representing numbers, as well as understanding the language and mathematical symbols of lesser than, greater than and equals. They have been learning a little rhyme to help them remember these symbols > < :
"Alligator, alligatoe,
which number will you eat?
The bigger one, the greater one.
It will be sweet!"
The Year 2's have been understanding and representing the value of each number with 2-digits. They have also been counting forwards and backwards in 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's & 1's.
History Toys and Games
We were very lucky and grateful to have some parent and grandparent visitors who were able to kindly come in to school and share some memories of toys and games from their childhood. The children were fascinated about some of the stories that our visitors shared.
below are some photographs of this exciting visit.
Maths of the Day
Maths of the day is a fun new way of exploring maths on the go and keeping fit at the same time! Year 2 have been involved in the practical Maths of the Day activity to help consolidate their Place Value knowledge.
Year 1 have also been enjoying practical maths with their friendly mascot; 'Motty.'
RE- Harvest and Creation 
In addition to finding out where some of our food comes from, the children have been thinking about God's creation. The children used sound and music to represent each day of God's wonderful creation. The children came up with some great ideas.
In addition to finding out where some of our food comes from, the children have been thinking about God's creation. The children used sound and music to represent each day of God's wonderful creation. The children came up with some great ideas.
Tuesday 17th January 2017
KS1 Trip to Liverpool Cathedral
The children in KS1 had the fantastic opportunity to visit Liverpool Cathedral. We were given  a personalised tour by our friendly and fun guide. He gave us lots of interesting information about the history of the cathedral building. The children also got to reproduce their very own stained glass windows depicting the scene of 'The wise Men's Visit.'
Here's what some of the children in Class 2 had to say about this magnificent building:
Declyn: "It's dead clean, isn't it?"
Sophia: "The windows are beautiful."
Check out the photographs of our visit below.
Class 2 have been learning about baptism in their RE lessons. Last week, the children brought in things that related to their own baptism's.  This week the children watched a short video clip about baptism and afterwards performed their own. The class had the honour of naming the baby, Samuel Jake. A vicar, parents and 2 sets of Godparents were carefully chosen and those children performed the ceremony. The rest of the class were the congregation. I have to say the children did a wonderful job of reading some of the trickier words that are used during a baptism. As we were talking about the service, here are a few quotes from the children:
When we were looking at the symbolism of the candle Jessie said: "we have a candle because Jesus is the light of the world."
Alice then said: "We say Jesus is a light because he shows us the world."
When asked about why water is poured o the baby Leon told the class: "It's to wash away sins."
Finally when we thinking about what age you had to be to get baptised, Maisie said: "You can be baptised at any age because Jesus was big when he was baptised."