Class 2 Visit All Saints Curch

28th November 2018
On Wednesday 28th November, Year 2 were invited to All saints Church in Newton-Le-Willows to enjoy a Christmas journey experience.
They coloured in a Christmas Card whilst enjoying a biscuit and juice drink.
In church, they listened to the creation story and then journeyed around the church meeting the different characters in the Nativity Story.
We met Mary, baking bread and saw the angle Gabriel visiting her. We tasted some of her bread - it was delicious!
After that, we went to the hills and dressed up as shepherds and again met an angel telling us the good news.
Our next visit was across the river Jordan and to the 3 wise men. Here, we explored the meaning of the 3 gifts and dressed as kings.
To finish Rev Stafford explained that God sent Jesus to sort out the world as it was in a mess.
We all had a fantastic morning discovering the true meaning of Christmas.