Class 3

Welcome to Class 3.


 A very warm welcome to Class 3's website page. Myself, (Mrs Lloyd) is the teacher in the Year 3 class. We have many exciting educational activities planned for the following year. I am looking forward to a productive and inspiring first year in KS2 for most children and a second one for a lucky few. Mrs Farrington and Mrs Bradbury also support some of the children in Class 3 throughout the week.


Class 3 Routines

  • PE - will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school.
  • Spellings - Every Tuesday new spellings are handed out (to be practised at home) for a spelling test the next week in school.
  • Homework - Homework is given out on a Thursday to be collected in the following Wednesday. If completed before the day it's due in, it can be handed to Mrs Lloyd. Any homework sent home will consolidate what your child has previously learnt in class. 
  • Reading Books - Before changing any reading books, the children must inform the teacher. Books are usually changed at play times and dinner times so as not to disrupt the lessons. To develop more independence the children will change their own reading books.
Reading is very important in Year 3 & 4, so we encourage your child to read for approximately 10-15 minutes everyday and record it in their reading record, ideally signed by a parent/guardian.
It is always advised that you discuss the book your child is reading, so that they have a good understanding of the text and vocabulary.
Class 3, are enjoying a 10 week course on swimming. They are learning how to swim, developing their confidence in the water and building up their stamina and strength to swim a length.
Bethany Henderson has joined Class 3 for a short period of time. She is a first year trainee teacher who is gaining experience in the classroom. Her role is to support the class teacher, become involved in school life and teach lessons of her own. Bethany is thoroughly enjoying her time with Class 3 and has been made most welcome.
Design and Technology Nativity Stables.
Class 3 have enjoyed making and designing Nativity stables as part of their DT wooden structures project. They used hack saws, miter boards and glue guns. They experienced having to accurately measure and cut balsa and dowel wood. They then created their uniquely designed stables some of which included: ladders, animal pens and a cross.
A lot of fun was had making the stables.
As part of our topic, Are all Churches the Same?  Class 3 visited their local church to have a look around. We looked at the organ, pulpit, lecturn and altar. We then discussed why this furniture is used in churches.
Class 3, then drew some objects found in the church and talked about what they found most interesting.
Remembrance Day
As Remembrance day approached, Class 3 looked at the importance of this day, what happened and why we should remember. They then watched the Sainsbury's Christmas advert from a few years ago depicting the Christmas Truce.
Class 3 then wrote newspaper articles, writing as a journalist, to tell of this amazing event.
African Drumming
 Class 3 have enjoyed a 10 week African Drumming workshop.  The children have had a lot of fun playing quite tricky African rhythmic patterns on Djembe drums.
Mike, the teacher from Learn to PLay Live, has really enjoyed working with the children and was very impressed with how well they managed the difficult rhythms.
Class 3 have looked at the artist Van Gogh and his work. They particularly looked at his painting on sunflowers and produced their own, in his style.
Manchester United Foundation
Every Tuesday, Class 3 are enjoying a football session with Manchester United Foundation. Through these sessions they are developing ball skills and sportsmanship.
Liverpool Cathedral
Class 3, enjoyed a visit to Liverpool Cathedral to celebrate the festival of Harvest. We had a guided tour around the cathedral to look at the beautiful architecture.
Then the children spent an hour discussing and making a booklet about Harvest to take home.
After lunch, Class 3 Learned about the Jewish festival of 'Sukkot.' They found out about the meaning of Sukkot. They also learnt about the similarities and differences  between Jewish and Christian people.
We all had a very enjoyable visit.
On Friday 22nd September, Class 3, led the Harvest worship in church for the whole school.
The theme was Jesus' parable 'The Sower and the Seed!'
Children acted out the meaning of all the seeds and demonstrated how we should live our lives as a Christian. They then read aloud a Harvest acrostic poem.
Prayers were said at the end and a variety of Harvest hymns were sung.