Class 3

Welcome to Class 3.


Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Class 3. I am sure that by now, you are familiar with me, having taught all of the children in Class 3 before when they were in Reception or Year 1!

I will not be alone in Class 3 this year, throughout the day we will be supported by some other familiar adults; such as Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Farrington and Mr Medcafe. These adults will be supporting your children in Class 3 each day.

As you will by now be aware, children will be bringing home spellings and times tables to practice with adults at home every week. I would request that children have both of these books in their bag each day as we will also be practicing in school for a weekly test, which will usually be on a Wednesday.

Children also bring home reading books, and I must stress how important it is that children read regularly to an adult at home, and that home reading records are filled in to reflect this. These books will be changed in school under the supervision and direction of an adult.

PE will be taught on a Tuesday afternoon by the Manchester United Foundation and also on a Thursday afternoon by Miss Threadgold. Please can you ensure that if children take their PE kits home, that they are returned for these days, as PE is a national curriculum subject and is as important as Maths or English in our school.

Our topics that will take us up to half term are Ancient Egypt in history, and Forces and Magnets in science. I have sent home our knowledge organisers which will aid children to complete any further home learning about these topics if they so wish. I would love to see anything children do at home regarding these, so please feel free to snap a picture and email to the school office!

We will be sharing our learning this year either on the class 3 page on our website, or on Twitter. So please follow our account if you can!


I am looking forward to working with you this year and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr Longworth



I would just like to take this opportunity, once again, to express my heart felt thanks to you, the parents and carers, who have supported me during my time at St Helen's School. For many of you and for myself this has been the second time I have had the privilege of teaching your child. I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed working with your children and watching them grow over the years.

Thanks again for your continued support 

Mr Longworth

On a Thursday afternoon, Class 3 are participating in music lessons. As a school we are following the Charanga scheme, which looks at different genres of music.
During the first term Class 3 enjoyed listening to and appraising the music of Abba. We have now created a new generation of Abba fans as the class really enjoyed listening to and discussing their music. They have used words like pitch, dynamics and tempo to describe the music of Abba.
During the sessions the children also learnt how to sing Mamma Mia, which they really loved.
When they performed they also used their glockenspiels to play along.
Listen below to how fantastic they sound.
During our English lessons we have been studying the book, Silly Billy. This was written by our termly focused author Anthony Browne. Through our lessons the children have been discussing why Billy might be silly and have discovered that he has worries that may seem silly.
The children have enjoyed taking part in different drama based sessions to immerse themselves into the book and the main character Billy. 
In groups, the children acted out what they though could be worrying Billy then created a tableau and spoke in character about how they were feeling. The children have also made predictions about what could happen in the book and what could have caused Billy to worry so much. they have produced some lovely written work based around this theme.
Throughout our maths lessons this term, the children in class 3 are investigating place value. they have been looking at and taking apart numbers in their hundreds and thousands. They have been doing this using equipment to help them partition and understand the values of numbers. 
Creative Homework
Class 3 were set the task of using their creative minds to work on a project based on Ancient Egypt. Very little guidance was given except that it had to be creative. The children could use their imaginations to create what ever they wanted. We were inundated and overwhelmed with the response and the way the children's creative imaginations have worked. Well done to everyone that completed the homework.