Class 3

Welcome to Class 3.


 A very warm welcome to Class 3's website page. Myself, (Mrs Lloyd) is the teacher in the Year 3 class. We have many exciting educational activities planned for the following year. I am looking forward to a productive and inspiring first year in KS2.


Class 3 Routines

  • PE - will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school.
  • Spellings - Every Tuesday new spellings are handed out (to be practised at home) for a spelling test the next week in school.
  • Homework - Homework is given out on a Thursday to be collected in the following Wednesday. If completed before the day it's due in, it can be handed to Mrs Lloyd. Any homework sent home will consolidate what your child has previously learnt in class. 
  • Reading Books - Before changing any reading books, the children must inform the teacher. Books are usually changed at play times and dinner times so as not to disrupt the lessons. To develop more independence the children will change their own reading books.
During our computing lesson, with Mrs Gorman, Class 3 have been learning how to cut and paste photographs. We have also been learning how to super impose pictures of ourselves on to new backgrounds. We are so clever we can make it look like we are anywhere in the world.
Look at the pictures below of some of the interesting places we have visited.
 Class 3 are beginning a new adventure with.....Robin Hood! We have written instructions about how to dress like Robin Hood and made a 'Wanted' poster.
After reading stories about Robin Hood and his Merry Men, we are going to write our own adventure story.
 Class 3 have written prayers for 2017. We are hoping to make it a year of prayer. What will you pray for?
 Every Tuesday afternoon, for 10 weeks, classes 3 and 4 take part in swimming lessons. We travel to Woolston Neighbourhood Hub and take part in intensive swimming lessons, led by experienced instructors.
 Every Friday afternoon, Lewis (a coach from Warrington Wolves Foundation) is leading skill based sessions to develop rugby skills. The focus is on learning skills by playing rugby themed games.  Eventually the children will learn skills needed to play Touch Rugby.
 During science, Class 3 have been learning how to look after their teeth correctly. They have also been investigating the importance of teeth and the jobs that they do.


Autumn Term

Class 3, performed to the whole school and their parents demonstrating their achievements in playing the xylophones. This term, they have learned to play accompaniments to well known songs and Christmas carol 'Silent Night.'
The concert was a huge success with the choir joining in with Silent Night at the end.
Healthy Sandwiches
As part of the 'Chewing for fat' scheme with Manchester United Foundation, Class 3 enjoyed making healthy fruit kebabs and cheese cocktail sticks. The children have learned the meaning of a balanced diet linked with exercise; how food is grouped into carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals.
Design and Technology
The children enjoyed an afternoon of sewing. This was a new skill for them and they worked hard to thread their needle and do a running stitch all around their stocking. Mrs Woods, a parent helper, came to help. A lot of fun was had that afternoon.
The children enjoyed using their imaginations whilst decorating their Christmas stocking. Using a selection of materials and a glue gun they followed their design plan to decorate their stocking.
Look in the gallery below
Click on the link at the bottom of the page to listen to our French singing.
Design Technology
During design and technology lessons, the children in Class 3 have designed their own Christmas Stocking. They began by drawing a design for their stocking. They learnt many new skills during the process as they had have to dye the material, sew the stocking together and then personalise with decorations. The children are looking forward to completing their stockings to take home.
Remembrance Day
Class 3 have looked at the importance of Remembrance day and the symbol of the poppy. They created their own mixed media painting of a vase containing poppies. After observational drawing they used: paint, felt, material and buttons to produce their art work.
Class 3 have looked at how Jesus is the light of the world. They have written their own poetry.
Class 3 have composed their own music based on aspects of World war 2 such as how daily life was affected during the blitz; coping being evacuated to safety; and how war affected life in the countryside. They also scored their music using signs and symbols.
Class 3 have spent most of Autumn Term, learning how to play tuned percussion instruments including xylophones and glockenspiels. They have enjoyed learning how to play an accompaniment to well-known songs. They have also learned how to play the Christmas Carol 'Silent Night.'
Class 3, performed for the school and their own parents in a December concert.
Manchester United Foundation

 This term Class 3 are enjoying learning team games and football skills every week with Jess, a hub development officer with The Manchester United Foundation.

The children have great fun playing foxes and rabbits and noughts and crosses. Alongside these sports skills, the children are learning about healthy lifestyles and good food choices, through a scheme called 'Something to chew On.' This is a 10 week course developing the children's understanding of health and nutrition.  

Follow the link to The Manchester United page, promoting Healthy Lifestyles.

Something to Chew On

Autumn Poetry

As we began our new term, Class 3 have looked at the season of Autumn. We have created poetry to depict what happens to the leaves and trees.


Class 3 celebrated Harvest with a church service on Friday 23rd September.  Parents of the children in Class 3 were invited, as well as the school governors.

The theme this year was trees, and how God can use trees to communicate with us. Class 3 spoke about how the tree trunk can represent God as it is never changing and supports and shelters animals, like God does for us.

God always gives us a chance to turn over a new leaf. As we watch the change in our village, we too can change for the better.

Class 3 re-enacted the parable of the withered fig tree. Jesus cursed the tree when he could find no fruit.

Throughout our lives we must keep our roots deep in Christ, so that we will not wither when lifes worries and strains, are upon us.

The children gave examples of ways in which we can keep ourselves rooted in Christ; pray often, got to Church; read the Bible; show kindness.

The service ended with 5 prayers during which  the children used their hands and fingers to signify rock, light, shepherd, friend and creator.


Class 3 have been looking at the life and work of artist, Piet Mondrian. We painted trees in the style of Mondrian and created a weaving design using just the primary colours.


All of our curriculum overviews can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. If you require further information relating to the current curriculum please see the class teacher.