Class 4


Welcome to Class 4

Mr Burke is the class teacher for Class 4.

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Draper support children in Class 4 throughout the week.

Mrs Gorman teaches Class 4 for one ICT lesson per week.


Welcome to our class page.

I will use this page to share your child's journey within Class 4, providing insight into the work, and achievements of our wonderful pupils.

I look forward to working in partnership with parents this year, to achieve the best outcomes for all the children in Class 4. Please feel free to contact Mr Burke if you have any questions or concerns as soon as they arise.


Autumn Term

Class 4 have made a pleasing and positive start to the term. The younger Year 4 pupils have shown a great appetite for learning and the Year 5 pupils have made them feel very welcome in their new surroundings.



On Monday's pupils will receive a list of 15 spellings to practise. Pupils will be tested on these spellings every Friday.
Homework will be handed out on Friday, this homework will be due in on Wednesday.  If your child is finding the homework challenging, please encourage them to see me. Homework is always marked as a class on Wednesday to ensure that all children get the opportunity to look over the activities, ask questions and go over any work they are unsure of.
Reading books will be sent home every day, it is important every child reads every night if possible, children can read independently (signing their diary themselves) or to someone at home.
Children will have PE lessons on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.
This half-term we are focusing on non-fiction writing. The children have made their own leaflets about the rainforest and sets of instructions for everyday tasks.
We are studying Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest this half-term. If pupils wish to do extra research in to this topic at home, I will be delighted to give them the opportunity to present their findings, in front of the class.
We have been re-visiting Place Value and Negative Numbers in the first few weeks of term and I have been impressed with the children's enthusiasm for maths.
We have researched and sketched animals in the shapes, focus and textures of the rainforest. Next we will be experimenting with different materials- pastels, charcoals and paints- to create our own rainforest art.
Year 4 are learning about states of matter
Year 5 are learning about The Solar System
Manchester United Foundation
Every Tuesday afternoon, Class 4 are lucky enough to have the opportunity to receive coaching from The Manchester United Foundation. These are skill based sessions with a focus on improving the skills needed to play football. So far the sessions have included perfecting footwork, using ladders and becoming skilled with dribbling a football.
These sessions are led by Tom and Jake and the children learn through a series of exciting and fun individual and team based games.