Class 5

Dear children,

May I take this opportunity to warmly welcome you back after the summer break. I really do hope that you have had an amazing time and made plenty of happy memories. Although seven weeks seemed a long time to be away from school, I am sure that you will agree with me, when I say that the time has flown by. Maybe not! I hope that we have all come back to school, full of energy and enthusiasm, eager and willing to learn.

So here we all are, at the start of a new academic year. Our class has year 5 and year 6 children within it, 25 in total, a mixture of 8 year 5 children and 17 year 6. For the majority of the time, you will be taught by myself. However, on occasions, Mrs. Bradbury will cover the class. This is perhaps when I have to attend meetings or courses or have my management time, within the school day. In the mornings, the core areas of English, maths and science will be delivered, supported in these lessons by Mrs. Farrington. In the afternoons, the other subjects will be taught, supported by Mrs. Bradbury. This term I have planned lots of exciting opportunities within our school curriculum and I am sure that each and every one of you will enjoy the experiences and love coming to school to learn. 

Here are a few things that I am sure you and your parents would like to know:

  • PE will take place on Thursdays and Fridays. Please ensure that you have an appropriate kit to wear, linked to the school uniform policy. It might be a good idea to keep your PE kit in school all week, just in case the sessions change. When the colder weather comes, I would advise you all to bring in jogging bottoms, or leggings and a thick sweatshirt or top.
  • I would like you to try and read every night. It will help you with your learning in school and help you to relax in an evening, perhaps even before bed.
  • Homework will be issued on a Friday to be collected on the following Thursday. This will compromise of a mixture of maths tasks, maths papers, reading comprehension activities, handwriting, spelling and grammar.
  • You will have a spelling test every week on a Wednesday afternoon.
  • French continues to be taught on a Thursday afternoon by Madam Cheded.
  • My planning time and management time will be covered by different staff members: Mrs. Bradbury, music; Madam Cheded, French; and Miss Threadgold…P.E. These times will normally be on a Thursday afternoon and a Friday afternoon.


Once again, can I take this opportunity to say welcome back and let’s get started on what I regard to be, an exciting year ahead.



Dear Parents

In my many years at this school, I have always had an open-door policy, no worry or concern is too small. You can make an appointment to see me or have a quick word with me at the door before school, in the morning, or at the end of school day.

If your child has worries, they must come and talk to me. They can also communicate their concerns with notes in a worry box. There are plenty of people in my class, who will help and support your child.

I am thrilled and honoured to be teaching your child and together, we will make sure that your child is happy, enjoys learning and makes excellent progress in school.  

 K. L. Erskine

During design and technology lessons this term, Class 5 have been investigating the design process. to begin with they had to investigate types of bags. they decided that on the run up to Christmas they would make Christmas gift bags. therefore, the next step was to look at and investigate gift bags. what did they look like? what size were they? How were they put together? Next, the children had to consider all of these questions when designing their own bags. After that, the children made a prototype and made any changes that wouldn't work before making their final gift bag.
The children did a fantastic job paying close attention to detail. I think we have some future designers amongst us.
Children In Need
On Friday 15th November, Class 5 took part in a pyjama day to raise money for Children in Need. There were lots of fabulous pyjamas on display and we managed to raise some money for a fabulous cause.
During RE Class 5 have been studying Judaism and Passover which will eventually forge a link to Holy Communion.
Whilst learning about Passover the class took part in a Passover meal, paying particular attention to The Seder plate. They spoke about what each of the foods represented.
A service was carried out, as it would be during Passover, with the children reading from a service sheet. We tried to stick as closely as we could to the Jewish customs.
This year, we are looking in depth at Ancient Egypt. To begin this topic the children have been investigating and researching The River Nile. they have found out, through a series of informative videos, how crucial The Nile was to the Ancient Egyptians. The children have also been investigating farming in Egyptian times and how the Nile was essential in the growing of crops.
The children have written a series of informative paragraphs to explain what they have learnt.
Each week the children have been given a short 'quiz' to see which knowledge is 'sticking' with them throughout this topic.
Each week, Year 5 and 6 gather together to take part in science lessons, ;ed by Mrs Erskine. This half term they have been investigating solids and liquids. They have carried out and planned many scientific investigations. The first was to discover if when a solid is added to a liquid, can it be filtered to separate the two.
The children had to discuss how they would make it a fair test, what components they would keep the same and what they would change. each group also made a prediction.
When the results were in a discussion took place as to whether there were ways that the solids that had dissolved in the liquids, could be recovered.
The second week the experiment that the groups planned, was to investigate whether solids dissolved quicker under different conditions. For example, one group used hot water another chose cold, one group had table salt another rock salt, sugar granules and sugar lumps were compared, stirring and not stirring were compared. Once again, the children had to plan, set up and carry out their experiment. They also timed their experiments and recorded the results.
The following week, an investigation to explore saturation point was planned. The children chose different solids to add to their liquids. They added the solid a spoonful at a time, when that had dissolved more were added (one at a time) until saturation point was reached. The results were recorded, how many spoonfuls did it take to reach saturation point.
On a Thursday afternoon, the children in class 5 participate in music lessons. This is taught via our Charanga scheme of music. The children have been learning about the origins of pop music focusing on the hit song Happy by Pharrell Williams. At the start of each lesson the children have listened to pop songs from different eras and appraised and give their opinion of them. They have appraised music by The Carpenters, The Beatles, Bobby McFerrin,  Katrina and the Waves, Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston. The children used technical terms such as: timbre, rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics, structure, texture and more to compare and analyse the songs.
Throughout the lessons the children demonstrated their fabulous singing skills by learning how to sing the pop song happy. As well as singing along, they learned to play their glockenspiels as an accompaniment to the music.
Click on the link below to hear how fabulous they are.
During our English lessons Class 5 are writing a series of non-chronological reports. The first was based on a Togo Lizard, an imaginary creature. they had to create a report to explain all about The Togo Lizard, as a newly discovered species. Some of the paragraphs included:appearance, habitat, diet and more.
The children have worked in partners to plan their informative paragraphs and have then produced individual reports.
In English, we have moved on and have been looking at a book called The Widow's Broom by Chris Van Allsburg. The children have recreated their own version's of The Widow's Broom and have done a really good job. They have included very detailed character and setting descriptions. they have managed to capture the essence of the story in their writing as well as intriguing the reader.