Class 5

Dear Parents,

As you know, it has been all change this  term in class 5, Mrs Erskine is now the class teacher. She is supported by Mrs Morris who teaches on a Wednesday morning. Class 5 also have teaching assistant support everyday from Mrs Bradbury.

 During this term Class Five will be exploring the topic of ‘Earth and Space’ via this topic class 5 will be mainly investigating the Earth by looking at the structure of the earth and natural disasters such as: earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.

Class 5 are also busy preparing for their SATs where we have incorporated 2 additional afternoons of revision. On a Tuesday, the Year 5 children, join class 4 where they have a year 5 focused afternoon. On a Wednesday the year 5 children return to class 4 where they have an additional PE lesson.

 Class 5 will have P.E. every Thursday and Mrs Bradbury will lead these sessions. The first half term will be basketball and the second half term will be gymnastics, using the large apparatus in the hall


Thank you for your continued support and please feel free to come and speak to me if you have any concerns or further questions.

Yours sincerely,


K L Erskine

The first piece of writing that the children were asked to write (this term) was a report based on rainforests. the class made notes using text and watching informative videos. They then wrote non-chronological informative reports, including information that they found relevant and interesting. Sub-headings included: Where are rainforests found? What's it like inside a rainforest? 
Our second piece of writing was a complex set of instructions based around Literacy Shed short film Lily and the Snowman. The short animated film was very touching and the children were tasked with writing a set of instructions to keep a snow man alive. The class worked in groups to generate ideas, many of which were entertaining.
Roads End
After February half term, the children returned to school to find that a mysterious red scarf and dark goggles had been left in the classroom. this generated lots of discussion and exciting questions. Where had they come from? Who did they belong to? What kind of person were they? Why did they need them? The children were only given a few clues as to who or what this person was. They then saw pictures only and had to develop a character description based on how the pictures and props made them feel. the class were then given their next clue which was to the setting of the story, which was to be a desert. There was a class discussion based around the setting and pictures of different setting scenes were shown to inspire the children to write their setting description. Last of all, the children were told that their story was to be a mystery story, based on a short animation from the Literacy Shed. Again the children worked with a partner to begin their story as a flashback. The children have managed to produce some excellent creative writing, of which we are very proud.
During this half term in PE, Class 5 are taking part in gymnastics sessions. The PE lessons started simply with the focus being balance. Slowly, different types of gymnastics apparatus was introduced; the children were asked to demonstrate different ways in which they could balance using that equipment. Each week a new skill will be introduced such as balancing on each type of equipment; gymnastic movements like forward roll, hand stand and cartwheel; and different ways to dismount the equipment tuck jump, pike, star jump.
By the end of the term the children will be asked to place together a routine (as a group) using different types of apparatus.