Class 5

Welcome to Class 5


 Welcome back everybody, all the staff at St Helen's School hope that you had a fantastic holiday.

This Autumn Term, will be a very busy and exciting time. There are lots of activities to look forward to and hopefully motivate and inspire you to work to your potential.


 Thursday - PE make sure you have appropriate clothing in school to wear, for either PE inside or outside. You could bring the following: leggings or jogging bottoms, sweatshirt, long-sleeved top etc.
HOMEWORK - usually given out on a Thursday or Friday, to be handed in the following Wednesday. Homework may include the following:
  • Reading every night, either a book or bug club
  • Weekly Spellings
  • Maths
  • Grammar or punctuation activities
  • Reading comprehension tasks.
The Christmas Tree Challenge
Class 5 had a Christmas challenge to complete; to build a Christmas tree using plastic cups, elastic bands and pieces of string. The children worked in groups to stack cups, using only the equipment-no hands- to form a Christmas tree. The children worked well together as teams and had great fun.
Year 5 and 6 have been working on Forces, in our science lessons. Our particular focus (these 2 weeks) has been investigating the impact of gravity on objects, especially different shapes of paper. We all took part in investigations, testing our theories about whether paper shape or size affects the force of gravity. Great practical science work took place, followed by very insightful discussions.
Well done Year 5 and 6.
Class 5 each got to make their own Christingle in preparation for our whole school Christingle worship.
Before making the Christingle, the Class discussed the symbolism of Christingles and discovered and wrote about what each part of the Christingle represents.
Orange- The world
Ribbon - the blood spilt by Christ on the cross or love and hope.
The sticks - 4 seasons
Sweets - God's Creations
Candle- represents the fact that, Jesus brings us light and is seen as the light of the world.
Class 5 then lit their own Christingle orange.
This term all of the year 5 & 6 children, are together for their science lesson. Over the next few weeks the topic they will be investigating is forces.
To begin our topic, the class have been looking at gravity: what it is, who discovered it, how it is measured and are conducting experiments based on gravity.
The first scientific investigation the children carried out, was a fair test to see what effect gravity has on the speed of different sized balls dropping to the ground.
The children had to plan their own investigation; discuss how they would make it a fair test; and then record their results.
Look at the photographs below to see our experiments.
Drug Awareness
Class 5 had the privilege of welcoming Pete in to our Class to give a talk on the topic of Drug awareness. During the talk, the children found out about how many kinds of drugs (caffeine, alcohol and other drugs) are poisons that people put in to their bodies. They were told about what these drugs do to the central nervous system and how that can affect the mind and body. The children were captivated by this talk and were all really engaged in good discussions surrounding the topic. The class particularly enjoyed hearing about Pete's experiences and about how he managed to turn his life around by setting himself an achievable  goal; the importance of putting in effort; and finally achieving that goal.
We'd like to thank Pete and The Hamilton Davies Trust, for funding this invaluable educational talk.
Active Maths
A new resource called Maths of the Day: Active maths has been purchased by school to make maths lessons more interactive, practical, fun and physical. All areas of maths are covered, ranging from number to geometry. All the children really enjoy participating in the activities. The tasks also encourage group work, co-operation, tolerance and perseverance skills, that can be applied in other curriculum areas too.
Look at the Pictures below of the children enjoying some place value, including negative numbers, Active Maths games.
Bike Rite
On Tuesday 26th September and Tuesday 3rd October, Year 5 took part in a national cycling proficiency scheme. This teaches the children how to carry out basic bicycle and cycle safety on the roads. The instructors showed the children how to signal, how to turn safely and how to be aware of all the traffic on the road. The children really enjoyed the experience and the instructors were proud of the children's achievements - as are all of us at St.Helen's School.
Romero Britto
The artist we are focusing on this term is Romero Britto, a Brazilian pop artist. He is an abstract artist who uses bright colours, patterns, shapes and lines to create bold, colourful landscapes, portraits and letters. The children became skillful at using oil pastels, collage materials and paints.