Class 1


Dear Parents,

I hope you all had an excellent summer break and are slowly getting back into the swing of the school run. I am delighted to welcome you all this year, particularly our new parents, who I am sure I have met personally by now.

We have had a wonderful start to the year and the children have been working extremely hard already! Our year 1 children have enjoyed their new role as the eldest in the class and have all been incredibly helpful in welcoming and supporting our new children this year.

Our reception children have made us all very proud by how quickly they have settled into school life and their new set of daily routines. They have adapted to being in school and are a credit to each and every one of you.

During this term our topic is called Food, Glorious Food. We will be focussing a lot of our learning around this topic, learning about the effect food can have on our bodies and where it comes from. We will be learning about the different continents of the world and the different foods that are eaten around the world. Children will also be tasting some possible toppings for when we make our own pizzas before half term.

To commemorate the World War I centenary, children will be learning about life during times of war, finding out about the lives of children their age, and of course, what happened to all of the food! We will also be sculpting and painting poppies using a range of different materials and resources.

Thank you to everybody who has ensured that children are coming to school with clearly named clothing. This has made getting changed after PE a lot easier! Could we also remind parents to place any water bottles and snack boxes on the trolley before the morning bell rings, as this ensures a smooth transition during break time?

All children in class 1 will receive weekly homework on a Friday, which is expected to completed and returned to school by the following Thursday. Homework for year 1 involves weekly phonics and maths homework, as well as weekly spellings. Reception children will receive a piece of phonics homework every week and may receive additional home learning activities throughout the term.

In addition to weekly homework, it is expected that your child should read to an adult every day. This supports children in applying their phonic teaching in school. Adults are encouraged to sign children’s reading records every time they have read. We would also like to hear about other examples of reading in the reading diaries, such as reading street signs or magazines. Any application of phonics is great to hear about. This could also be uploaded to tapestry.

Thank you for your ongoing support, I am really looking forward to working with you and your children over the coming year.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to speak to me directly or make an appointment through the school office.

Yours sincerely,

 Mr Longworth

Welcome Service
Classes 1 and 5 led our first service in church this year. It was a service where the class 5 children welcomed our reception children in to our school family. each of the reception children has been assigned a class 5 buddy whom they talked about during the service.
Look on our news page for all the photographs. 

Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1

Welcome to Class 1

Class 1 is a mixed Reception and Year 1 class, where we learn through a mixture of guided teacher inputs and activities carefully planned through our continuous provision areas.

 The adults who support us in our learning are:

Mr Longworth – Class Teacher

Mrs Davies –  Teaching Assistant

Mr Medcalfe – 1st Session Teaching Assistant

Mrs Morris – PPA Cover

In class 1, children are encouraged to be active learners, to ask questions and to enjoy all the challenges that are set up in the different continuous provision areas of the classroom, both indoor and outdoor. 

The children have almost continuous access to our outdoor area, so it is essential that your child has a coat in school each day, and a sun hat in the warmer months.

PE kits are required twice a week, and we prefer them to be kept in school. They will be sent home each half term to be washed, and should be returned promptly.

Children receive homework once a week, which is an extension and reinforcement of the weeks learning. Therefore, it is essential to the children’s learning that homework is returned promptly the following week.

Year 1 children also receive weekly spellings, which are to be practiced at home for a spelling test on Fridays with Mrs Davies.

As always, children’s learning is a partnership between staff and parents, so if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and speak to Mr Longworth after school. Thank you.


 We will keep you updated about the activities your child has participated in by regularly adding photographs of our learning. These can be found in the gallery at the bottom of the page. 

In the EYFS the names of the phonics and reading schemes we use are:

Phonics Bug

Oxford Reading Tree

Jolly Phonics

Letters and Sounds


If you require further information relating to the current curriculum please see the class teacher.


Road Safety with PCSO Bethan Roberts
Class 1 were delighted to welcome PCSO Bethan Roberts this morning. She came to talk to us about the very important subject of road safety. The children have had some great ideas of how they can keep themselves safe near roads. 
Class 1 have been practicing counting in twos and ordering numbers on a number track. Mr Longworth could hear some wonderful discussions while placing the numbers onto the number track. We then challenged ourselves to write our own numbers in 2’s, starting from 20.
James the Bear's Adventure
James, the class 1 bear, recently went on a GIANT adventure. He ventured into Liverpool (taking Mr Longworth with him) to watch the fantastic parade of giants. It was a very busy but exciting afternoon and James managed, even though he's only small, to get some wonderful views. James also used being small to his advantage and managed to get some great close up views of the giants. Both James and Mr Longworth really enjoyed their day out.
Food Glorious Food
As an exciting start to our topic, food Glorious food, the children in Class 1 got to taste lots of different pizza toppings. After tasting, the children will then choose which of their favourites to put on their own pizzas when they make them.
Windy Days
Class 1 just love a windy day! Recently, they took advantage of the windy weather and as soon as there was a break in the rain, they headed outside. They loved experiencing the windy weather. They talked about the changing seasons, the different weather and why there was a cyclone of leaves surrounding them. the children were making great observations and wonderful language was being used. the children's favourite part was having great fun with bubbles and ribbons.