Welcome to our E-Safety page

St Helen's Church of England Primary School takes the education of E-safety very seriously. E-safety has been taught and is on the curriculum for every year group.  Mrs Gorman, our ICT specialist, has started off the Autumn term by teaching E-safety to every year group in the school.
In classes 2 and 5 they  worked on different animations and recorded some good E-safety tips that we should all follow whenever we use computers, laptops, ipads and phones, in fact any technology that can access the internet.
Mrs Gorman worked with us enable us to earn a certificate to demonstrate that, as a whole school, we have a great awareness of E-safety.
In November 2016, Mrs Gorman and two members of Year 6 attended the Cheshire Constabulary E-Safety Training for the School Year 2016-17. 
On this page we will also add links to websites that will be beneficial for parents and children to ensure safe use of the internet and social media at home.