ELSA Support page

For those children currently receiving ELSA support, in school Mrs Davies and Mrs Farrington have put together a handy explanation of Elsa, as well as provided links to follow to help you and your child through the current situation we find ourselves in.

ELSA Support at St Helen's School


At St Helen's, the emotional and social well-being of our children goes 'hand in hand' with their academic success. 'Happy children make effective learners' and for the majority of the time that is our children! But life presents challenges to us all along the way and with this in mind, we employ ELSA trained staff to work with individuals when they need a little extra support.


Who is the ELSA?

Mrs Davies (KS1) and Mrs Farrington (KS2) are the school's qualified Emotional Literacy Support  Assistants.

They have been trained by Educational Psychologists in how to plan and deliver a fun       programme of ELSA sessions, which support children in how to understand their emotions and respect the feelings of those around them.


In ELSA sessions we provide additional support for children who may be struggling with:

 recognising their own or others emotions

 Friendship skills or groups (often done as a group ELSA sessions)

 Social Skills 


 Anger Management

 Loss and Bereavement 

 Changes in their life (eg: moving house or a new baby in the family)


anything that is having a detrimental impact and affecting a child's ability to learn and/or function.


Supporting - not fixing!

An ELSA's aim is NOT to fix children's problems.

What we can do is strive to create a reflective space where the children feel emotionally supported and know they can share their thoughts and feelings, when they feel ready.