Sports Day 2018

13th June 2018
Wednesday 13th June saw this year's annual Sports Day take place. This was a novelty for many as for the previous 3 years, the weather had been against us and we had to cancel.
Both children and parents kept their fingers crossed the weather would hold and sports day was eagerly anticipated. Fortunately, this year, the weather was kind to us and this year Sports day did not disappoint.
All the children who took part were amazing and tried their very best, even those that found some of the races tricky, with the help and support of the staff, other children and with encouragement from parents, never gave up.
The staff were incredibly proud of all of the children. The children raced as individuals, as well as earning points for their colour team. The 3 colours blue, green and yellow were seperated by only one or two points each. However accruing over 100 points and the winners of this years Sports day were the red team.
The afternoon ended with Mr Jones inviting the parents to come and race there were so many parent volunteers we had to have 3 races. Now, these races became very competitive and the children thoroughly enjoyed watching and cheering for their parents.
Although, the competitiveness of this race was nothing compared to the teachers race. Mr Jones, Mr Burke and Mr Medcalf couldn't wait to get to the start line. In fact, we think they had been secretly limbering up all afternoon.
This year Mr Burke took the title of teachers race winner snatching the title from Mr Medcalf, who was hoping to retain last years title. This year though Mr Medcalf was facing tougher opposition. The children absolutely loved watching their teacher's race and cheered louder than ever.
All in all Sports Day was a great success and all of the children enjoyed themselves.