KS2 E Safety Videos

During the Autumn Term, Mrs Gorman, has been discussing the safe use of the internet, social media, E Mail and text messaging, with Class 5. Every year Mrs gorman, begins the term by reminding the children of the importance of E safety.
This year, Class 5's E Safety videos, are focused on the sensitive nature of sending nasty text or picture messages. The videos were created using the app evertoon on the ipads. They give helpful tips and advice on what to do if something upsets, worries or frightens you.
They also give advice on receiving phishing E Mails and to never give any bank details or passwords to anybody. The videos also highlight the importance of not giving out your personal information to strangers online.
During one of their weekly ICT lessons, with Mrs Gorman, Class 5 were learning how to animate their own cartoons. They combined this topic with that of E safety and have made their own animations advising what to do if you encounter any problems over social media.