Meet the Ethos Group

Meet our Ethos Group
A warm welcome to everyone visiting our page. My name is Mrs Lloyd, I am the worship
co-coordinator at St Helen's C.E. Primary.
Every week I take the ethos group to discuss ways in which to enhance the Christian faith within school life and the community.
My Christian Faith has always been very important to me. I have attended church regularly since I was little. I now attend Parish Church, in St Helens.
As I have grown up, I have come to realise the true significance of the Bible and the greatest sacrifice that Jesus made for us. It is a privilege to teach the word of God to young children and watch them grow in their faith. Being musical myself, I find worship songs an extremely important part of praising God. I often bring hymns from my own church, for the children to learn in school. These include: Bless the Lord, Lift up your Heads you Gates of Brass and In Christ Alone.
I have now completed the 'Alpha' course at my local church. I do not have a particular favourite hymn or bible story, as I like them all
Eleanor My mum and dad work for church and I believe in God. My favourite worship song is Lift up your Heads you Gates of Brass.
My favourite story in the bible is Esther. My favourite hymn is Called By Name.
Ethan - I enjoy going to church with the school when celebrating. I believe in Jesus and think that He is our saviour. I like being in the Ethos group. My favourite story in the bible is David and Goliath. My favourite hymn in school is Lift up your Heads you Gates of Brass.
Lotti - I like going to messy church at Christmas. I love Ethos group because we get to do assemblies and write prayers. My favourite hymn is Called By Name because it's jolly. I love being in a Christian School.
Ava - I believe that Jesus died on the cross just for us and he is our Saviour. The Ethos group is a group that believes in God and does assemblies about the gospel values.
My favourite hymn is Lord of the Harvest. I like to make prayers up in my spare time. In the Old Testament my favourite story is David and king Saul and how Saul was very jealous of David.
In the New Testament I enjoy the story where Jesus produced a miracle and helped Peter and his friends gather a huge amount of fish. Also I like the story where Peter walks across the sea to Jesus.
God is our Father.
Anya - I like going to Hollinfare church with the school. The point of an Ethos Group is telling the school about Christianity. Mrs Lloyd is our leader and the Class 3 teacher. I like the Ethos group because I think that God and Jesus are very important to our lives. My favourite prayer is our school prayer, that the Ethos group wrote. My favourite story is the 10 Commandments. My Favourite hymns are Lift Up Your Heads and Called By Name.
Thomas - I enjoy going to church at Easter and Christmas with school. the ethos group is amazing! We help children in school with their Christian values, look at worship areas in classes, write prayers and take assemblies.
I think God is the most important being in the world. 
My favourite 3 hymns are: Lord of the Dance, Bless the lord and Lift up Your Heads You gates of Brass.
The 2 stories I enjoy most in the bible are the story of Noah and his Ark and David and Goliath. I have loved the story of Noah since I was a little boy because I like the sea and the story of creation.