Year 5 and 6 Hamilton Davies Trust talk.

1st October 2015
On Tuesday 20th October Pete Dwan, from the charity DrugFreeKids, came in to school to talk to the Year 5 and Year 6 children about Drug Awareness.
He gave a very personal and indepth presentation about the issues surrounding different types of drugs e.g. alcohol, cigarettes, medicines and illegal drugs. He gave the children skills that they could use, throughout their life, that will enable them to say "No" to potential drug abuse.
The children listened intently and made many serious and perceptive comments about the issues discussed. Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Erskine were very proud with the way they dealt with such a serious and sensitive problem.
Pete asked the boys what kind of car they would all have if money was no object, to which they all replied, unanimously, a Bugatti. He then asked the girls what colour it should be, many replied with pink. He asked the children if they had a pink Bugatti and did not look after it, what would happen? He then compared their bodies to a pink Bugatti, they need to put the correct things inside and look after it to enable it to work properly.
Follow the link to Pete's website My Pink Bugatti, for more information on Drug Awareness.