Reception Learning

Welcome to our reception class page. 
Mark Making Matters
Before letters, numbers or pictures come simple marks. Mark-making is a great start to writing and art. Marks are how children learn to express themselves and portray the world around them. So, get mark-making and have some fun along the way. Use hands, fingers and feet. Squishing dough, swirling colours together or making footprints in the snow – there are lots of ways to experiment with marks.

Supporting writing in Reception

Every day in Reception we provide meaningful opportunities to write, which are often linked to our topic and weekly core text. Shopping list writing is always very popular whether it is for planning a party, a picnic or ingredients for cooking.

It is exciting for children to see their writing used in real life contexts!

To support your Reception child’s early writing at home, encourage them to:

  • Say the word(s)/ sentence that they’d like to write out loud more than once
  • Decide which word they need to write first
  • Listen carefully for the sounds that they can hear, and work out which to write first
  • Write letters in sequence to represent the sounds that they can hear
  • Read their writing to check that they haven’t forgotten any words or sounds
Below are resources to support your child with their writing at home including letter formation sheets, tricky word practise and sound mats.