School Clubs

Please be aware that we have a variety of after school and before school clubs in which your child can participate in.
Dance Club
On Monday (KS1) and Wednesday (KS2) after school there are dance clubs. A dance teacher from Warrington Wolves foundation works with the children to learn a variety of dances, play warm up games and perform for each other. The KS2 children have even had the opportunity to perform at major rugby league sporting events such as: half time at several Warrington Wolves home games, Wembley Challenge Cup Finals and Magic Weekend at St James's Park in Newcastle.
For a letter about dance club, please contact the school office.
Zumba Style
Our Zumba dancers have been working really hard with Mrs Bradbury who has worked with the children to reproduce some fantastic Zumba inspired dances. Children are enjoying moving to a variety of songs, some quicker than others, but still energetic. View the videos of 2 of their favourite dances below, I am sure you will agree they are coming on a treat! Well done to all our dancers and a big thank you to Mrs Bradbury for running such a brilliant club.
Zumba class is still going strong. The children are now competent at a variety of dances and they are thoroughly enjoying the active Thursday nights. There is a wide mixture of children from all three of the KS2 classes that attend regularly. Each week a certificate is handed out to the Zumba superstar, who has put in the most effort that session.
Here's what some of the children said about their club:
Niamh: "As well as being fun, it is fitness too!"
Emilly: " You get excercise, my favourite is the cha, cha, cha."
Libby: "It's fun and fast and you dance a lot. My favourite is Jockey."
Casey: "You get really hot, I really enjoy the cool down at the end. I enjoy Jai Ho!"
This term some KS2 children have had the opportunity to take part in a before school fencing club. The sessions will run for 4 weeks. For those children who have already had fencing lessons this is their opportunity to move up to silver, gold or platinum. For our Year 3 children this is their first opportunity to try fencing and work towards a bronze award.
Contact Rugby
Mrs Bradbury runs a contact rugby club for Key Stage 2 only, every Monday after school. Mrs Bradbury teaches the fundamental skills needed to complete a safe rugby tackle, passing and handling skills and evasion techniques. Wherever possible, we like to compete in as many after school tournaments as possible. Each year for the past 10 years, Mrs Bradbury's rugby team have competed in the Cheshire 7's. This is a knockout tournament, which involves many of the schools in Warrington. The children play 10 minute matches at The Halliwell Jones stadium. This is always a curtain raiser to a Warrington Wolves game. Every Summer term we are invited to enter another inter school competition run by St Peter's R.C. Primary in Woolston. It is called the St Peter's Wolfie Challenge cup. The matches are held one evening after school and the winning teams with the most points compete to win a trophy.


Zumba Club – Boogie with Mrs Bradbury!

 Thursday 10th Novemeber marked the start of our very first Zumba classes at St. Helens… lead by Mrs Bradbury. Mrs Bradbury has been partaking in Zumba lessons for a number of years and has brought this to St. Helens… providing a unique opportunity for children to learn dances, have fun and get fit along the way! The fitness club was offered to Key Stage 2 children on a first-come-first served basis. The places were snapped up very quickly!


The children’s first session was an amazing success. Year 5-6 children supported the other children (as they have received some Zumba classes when the weather has not been fit for outdoor Rugby!) But I have to say that the children from Class 3 and 4 picked up the first songs very quickly! It was smiles all round as the children danced, jumped and span! Children’s favourite seemed to be Jai Ho! Children are looking forward to their next session next week. Have a look at some of our pictures!