School Council

Once again this year, the children voted for who they though would make the best School Council representative for their class. Pupils were asked who would like to stand and their class mates were then asked to choose who they though would make the best candidate. They were asked to think about who would be able to speak confidently in front of the whole school; listen to their ideas and take them to the School Council; as well as have good ideas of their own.
The School Council is made up of 2 pupils from Year Groups 2-6. Children from Year 1 will join us in the Summer term, in preparation for the next year.
During the first week of Spring Term, the children (finally) got to try out their new wet break equipment. This was the first time that they had, had the opportunity to use it. Much to the delight of the children it eventually rained and they could put the new equipment to the test. Below are some photographs of the children using the equipment.
During the last 2 days of Autumn term, the School Council organised a Festive Fun Run. Each entrant ran around the playground and the money raised was  used to provide every class with a wet break box. We had a large number of entrants who all received a certificate for participating. Great fun was had by children and staff alike.
After Christmas, at the beginning of Spring Term the School Council put together the wet break boxes and handed them out to each class, They contained drawing equipment, small toys and games as well as playing cards and yo yo's. We have also provided each class with an age appropriate board game.We can't wait to get feedback when the children get to use their boxes. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a wet break since.
The School Council had a great response to their Anti-Bullying poster competition. All entries received were of a high standard and the School Council found it hard to choose a winner. Eventually, (after much deliberation) winners from each Key Stage were chosen. Look in the gallery above to see our lucky winners.
Anti-Bullying Week
Week beginning 14th November was anti-bullying week. Each year, as a school council, we try to raise awareness around the issues associated with  anti-bullying. This year the older school council members led a whole school assembly. They explained the difference between people being rude, mean or bullying. They used the theme Power for Good and explained that we should use our power to do good things and support one another. 
They also launched an anti-bullying poster campaign. There will be a winner from each key stage and the winning poster will be displayed around school.