School Council

Once again this year, the children took part in a democratic vote for who they thought would make the best School Council representative for their class. The votes were kept confidential and the ballots were counted by Mrs Bradbury without any of the candidates present.  Pupils were asked who would like to stand and their class mates were then asked to choose who they though would make the best candidate. . They were asked to think about who would be able to speak confidently in front of the whole school; listen to their ideas and take them to the School Council; as well as having good ideas of their own. Many of the older candidates gave a speech about why they'd be the best candidate to represent their class. 
The School Council is made up of 2 pupils from classes 2-5. Children from Year 1 will join us in the Summer term, in preparation for the next year.
All of the children were awarded their School Council badges in a celebration assembly.
Meetings will be held monthly at a lunchtime.