Liverpool Cathedral Class 3

22nd September 2017
On Tuesday 19th September, Class 3, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Gorman went on and educational visit to Liverpool cathedral.
They took part in 3 different workshops based around the theme of Harvest. First was a guided tour of the Cathedral, led by one of the volunteers. During the tour the children had to spot any links to harvest hidden throughout the cathedral. The children were amazed by the size of the cathedral and the beauty of the stained glass windows. In particular, one stained glass window depicted scenes of harvest how it would have been many years ago, with pictures of: horse drawn plough to prepare the field; a picture of a farmer sowing the seeds, with birds following behind; scythes, that were used to cut the corn; and finally the bales of hay rolled and placed in the fields.
The second workshop saw the children creating their own Harvest book, to be completed back at school. During this workshop the children discussed how fortunate they were and that not all children were luck toy receive a good Harvest. They also discussed the bible story, Feeding the 5,000. 
The children then talked about and read a couple of acrostic poems in preparation to write their own.
During the final workshop, the children got to learn about how a different faith celebrated Harvest. They were told about how Jewish people celebrate Sukkot (Harvest). They celebrate with a festival that begins on Jewish New Year and lasts around 7 days. The Jewish people by building and decorating Sukkah's, (booths/shelters) outside. Some families even camp out in them - depending on the weather.
The children also learnt a Hebrew greeting and a song.
Class 3 had a wonderful time at Liverpool Cathedral and learnt a lot about Harvest, Liverpool cathedral and the Jewish faith.