Special Educational Needs

The SENCO at St Helen's CE Primary School is Mr Simon Jones (Headteacher) and can be contacted through email or phone to the school office.

END Offer at St Helen’s CE Primary School.


  • At St Helen’s CE Primary School, we have due regard for the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice when carrying out our duties towards all pupils with SEND and ensure that parents and carers are aware and involved when SEND provision is being made for the child.
  • We recognise that children with Special Educational Needs are an integral and valued part of our school community. We believe that every child matters and our inclusive philosophy stresses the right of all children to be fully involved in all aspects of school life.  Our curriculum ensures that every child has the opportunity to shine and have their achievements recognised.
  • The school works closely with parents and health education professionals in the process of identifying and meeting the individual special needs of children.