Sport in Our School - Autumn Term 2016

Key Stage 1:
Here at St Helen's our Autumn Term has started and we have been very busy with our sport.
Key Stage 1 are enjoying the REAL PE Funs, with Miss Simcock on Monday afternoons, and will be learning important co-ordination skills which will lay the foundation for sport-specific skills and games.
REAL PE is fully aligned to the new National Curriculum requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. 
For more information about Funs click on the REAL PE link below (red) to be forwarded to the created development website.
Josh: "In PE we have been practising side steps, hopping and skipping. The challenges are really good and quite tricky.
Ethan: "We have been playing traffic lights to practise our skills in moving around the room.
Warrington Wolves
Key Stage 2 will also be working with Warrington Wolves Foundation coach (Kate Shakeshaft) on Friday afternoons. The children are enjoying these sessions very much and have been learning lots of skills and playing lots of games along the way!
Imogen: "We are doing rugby. We played games to learn how to catch the ball properly."
Sophia: "We play.....sit down you are out. It is a fun game where we practice our catching."
Active and Healthy
Key Stage 1 keep themselves very active during the day. They complete "Wake up, shake up" activities where they dance, children often have an afternoon break and are also encouraged to have a piece of fruit to keep up their energy levels! In Class 1 there is continuous access to the outdoors, where children can continue their exercise.
Class 1 have been developing healthy lifestyles by taking part in a fruit tasting lesson.
Key Stage 2
 Key stage 2 will also be learning a variety of challenging skills. This term's focus is:
 Year 3:  Movement Patterns (Wednesday PM)
Year 4: Movement Patterns (Thursday PM)
Year 5/6: Ball handling/ skills (Wednesday PM)
Harvey: "REAL PE is fun, we do lots of fun warm ups, the coloured cards gradually help us to get better."
Lola: "In REAL PE, we have been learning different types of floor movements. We are trying side steps, skipping and hopping. We have even tried backwards hopscotch."
Manchester United Foundation
The Manchester United football foundation, will be working with Years 3 and 4 this year.
We are very grateful to the Hamilton Davies Trust who continue to fund coaching.
Year 4 will be furthering their football skills from last year, playing a variety of games and some class competitions.
Year 3 will be taking part in a practical and theory programme called "Something to chew on." This will focus on healthy eating and fitness and will be run by our talented Manchester United Foundation coach, Jess. 
Max: "We play warm up games like foxes and rabbits. Jess has been teaching us about how to talk to our team mates properly."
Hollie: "Jess comes in our class, we have done a healthy eating plate, where we designed our own meal. She has taught us to eat a variety of foods. We know different foods do different things... like chocolate gives us energy, or eating vegetables makes us healthy."
Mrs Bradbury's Rugby Bootcamp.
Year 5/6 have joined Mrs Bradbury's rugby bootcamp. On Tuesday afternoons children will be out on the field training with their very enthusiastic coach! Children have been completing fitness warm ups, playing games to learn key rugby skills and as they progress through the term will compete in a series of touch rugby matches.
Jennah: "In Mrs Bradbury's bootcamp we are getting super fit! We do rugby games to become better at passing, sprinting and playing as a team."
Lucy: "We do so many excercise to warm up and then we do some great activities to improve on our rugby skills from last year."
Bike Ability
Year 5 have participated in their Level 2 biking this term. they learnt how to ride their bikes safely on the roads by going out in to the village on their bikes.
Level 2 takes place on local streets, giving trainees, a real cycling experience. Trainees learn hot to deal with traffic on short journeys such as: cycling to school or the local shops. At level 2 children have learnt:
  • To prepare for on-road cycling
  • To start and finish an on-road journey
  • To recognise typical hazards
  • To let others know what you are about to do
  • To know where to ride on the road
  • To pass parked vehicles and side roads