Sport in Our School - Autumn Term 2017

KS2 Football
Once again, The Hamilton Davies Trust, have funded another full year of football coaching sessions. The sessions are run by The Manchester United Foundation. This term Jake and Tom are leading the sessions for classes 3 and 4 on a Tuesday afternoon. We would like to thank The Hamilton Davies Trust for once again allowing and funding these sessions for us.
Warm Up
The lessons typically start with a warm up like touchdown. The children move around a given area doing a series of moves like: skipping, jogging, hopping and side-step. Whenever one of the coaches shouts "Touchdown" whichever team is the first with everyone sat down, wins a point for their team.
The focus of this weeks lesson, was for the children to practise their dribbling skills. They had to carefully dribble through a series of spots on the ground. They had to use their feet, rather than hands, to control and stop the ball if it got away from them.
After much concentration, many of the children quickly got the hang of the game. They then played "Find a Spot". The children had to dribble the ball around the hall. When one of the coaches shouted, "Find a Spot," the children had to manoeuvre the ball to the nearest spot and accurately stop it. Eventually, spots were taken away and the people who did not make it to a spot has to perform a forfeit - star jumps.
Robin Hood
As a progression, to practice the skill of dribbling, the children were split in to 4 teams to play Robin Hood. The children had to weave their way through the cones to the centre of the hall, to collect a ball from the middle. They then had to take the ball back to their team and dribble in and out of the strategically placed cones. At the end, the team with the most balls was the winner.
The children thoroughly enjoy their sessions with The Manchester United Foundation and look forward to seeing them each week.
Classes 3 and 4 have been travelling through ladders in a series of different moves, to help develop their footwork. They've been moving through the ladders one foot at a time; then with a double foot in each rung; and side ways with one foot in and one foot out.
Head the Ball
Children have been practising the best way to head the football. They have been working in pairs, discussing where on the head the ball should be headed. The session ended with an old favourite, Head Catch. During this game, the children have to do the opposite of what is called out by the coach. So, if the coach calls head-the children have to catch the ball.