Sport in Our School - Spring Term

This term, Class 1 and 2 will be enjoying football sessions with Manchester United Football Coach, Jess. They enjoyed their first sessions last week (12/01) and will be focusing on key skills required for games (this will link very well with their REAL PE sessions). They receive this training every Tuesday.
Here's what they said about their coaching with Jess:
Ethan: "We love the game foxes and rabbits, I am getting better at dodging."
Brooke: "We get taught lots of different skills, by playing games."
Class 1
Class 1 have been participating in a healthy living week. they have been learning about the importance of healthy lifestyles including: healthy eating, excercise and hygiene.  They have enjoyed looking at what makes a healthy diet and Year 1 have written a report based on their findings.
KS1 continue to receive REAL PE lessons from Miss Simcock. They are really enjoying trying the physical tasks on their coloured cards and really challenging themselves during the lessons. Children have been improving not only their physical skills but working on all elements of the cogs including improving:
  • Social skills - communicating effectively in a team.
  • Creative skills - making sequences of skills and leading warm ups
  • Health and fitness skills - understanding why we need to be fit and active.
KS1 Sport
Check out Class 1's moves. They have been using interactive dances to keep active during the afternoons! Their favourites include; "That's what makes you beautiful." By One Direction and "The Macerena." Class 1 have some great dance moves, they love dancing and even sing along too!
Manchester United Football
Thanks to Hamilton Davies Trust and Man Utd Foundation, Class 1 and 2 have been making excellent progress in their football sessions. They have been working on a variety of core skills through some interesting and exciting games! Below is a selection of pictures.
Team Sports
Classes 3 and 5 have been playing a variety of team games to enhance social and communication skills. This game is called beanbag bank! Pupils aim for different targets with different amounts of potential points.
Our swimming lessons have come to an end. The children have enjoyed the 10 week course and have made good progress. A big well done to both Class 3 and Class 4 who have displayed outstanding behaviour during these sessions.
Class 3 and 4 have been enjoying their weekly swimming lesson at Woolston Baths. Some of them have made considerable progress, particularly Year 4, for which this is their second lot of lessons. Some children have even moved up to the next group in the process. Children have enjoyed practising their strokes and especially games at the end - relay races!
Rugby Training Class 3 and 4
Class 3 and 4 are enjoying their rugby training. They have been improving their accuracy when passing and receiving the ball. They love the game "Sit down you are out!" and have been improving their ability to communicate effectively but also be a kind and supportive member of a team, who encourages others whether they are winning or losing. These skills link really well to our REAL PE multi-skills.
Class 3 and 4 have been working hard in REAL PE lessons. They have been enjoying a wide variety of warm ups and games which develop their physical skills.
In particular Class 5 have been trying the Paralympic sport seated volleyball.
Class 3 and 4 have started their swimming programme this year. They got their first session off to an excellent start where they impressed staff with their behaviour and eagerness to take to the water. The swim scheme will last ten weeks and children will be accompanied to swimming by Miss Simcock and Mrs Lloyd, with the help of a few parents.
Rugby with Warrington Wolves.
Class 3 and 4 started their rugby coaching on Friday 13th January with Lewis, from the Wolves Foundation. Their coaching will last throughout the soring term. They were all very excited and some are keen to lear new skills, whilst other will be looking to develop skills learnt last year when they were coached by Lee Mitchell.
Class 3 have been working on their dynamic balance skills. Here are some REAL PE action shots.