Sporting Events

Sports Day
After waiting a while for the weather to clear up, we finally got out for sports day. Children participated in a variety of races including: skipping, sack, running and bean bag races. Children supported and cheered for each other, showing great sportsmanship.
It was a fantastic morning for all children.
Look in our gallery pages to see the photographs.
Zumba Performance
Staff and parents were given a treat on Thursday afternoon, following a fantastic term of Zumba style dance classes. Staff and parents were invited to watch a group of talented and dedicated dancers perform after weeks of rehearsals with Mrs Bradbury. There were a variety of dances, all of which were very energetic and performed with skill and enthusiasm. The children have worked very hard, week upon week, to learn a variety of dances (over 18 in total), which they perform back-to-back. So not only are they experts in the routine but it has been great for them keeping active and on the go. Well done to all of the children that have joined Zumba this year and enjoyed it. Mrs Bradbury felt very proud of their progress as they performed their 3 favourite dances. Mrs Smith also invited then to perform their favourite dance during our Shining Star worship. A fantastic treat for the whole school and a brilliant end to our assembly, they really were Shining Stars. Thank you to Mrs Bradbury for running this fantastic club, I know the children have enjoyed and looked forward to their sessions each week. 
Festive Fun Run.
To mark the end of Autumn Term for sport, a fun run was held to raise money for playtime equipment, this was organised by our school council. Not only very fun but children were incredibly active doing laps of the playground for 20 minutes! There was great laughter from staff and children alike as running Christmas trees, elves and other festive outfits could be seen whizzing around our playground.
Thank you to Mrs Bradbury and School Council for organising such a fun event and for everyone who participated and donated to the event.
Orienteering Part 2
Once again Classes 3 and 5 have been enjoying their unit of orienteering. This week, they worked in teams to retrieve cones with letters hidden underneath them; they then had to work in their team to order the letters to make Christmas themed words! Children have developed their communication skills and were active for the whole lesson, running around our school grounds trying to solve the puzzles left for them.
At the end of the lesson we evaluated our contribution to the team using the "Role of the Bus."
This is where pupils think about which part of the bus they were. 
Were they the: 
  • Driver - leading and guiding the team?
  • Passenger - effective listening skills, following and working within the group.
  • Fuel - spurring and encouraging the team on?
  • Horn - communicating well, discussing ideas or making lots of noise!
Pupils considered their roles and how well they used the 4 c's needs in orienteering:
  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Consideration
Classes 3 and 5 have been enjoying some orienteering using our outdoor spaces. Using different coloured cones to follow patterns on maps, children have been developing their skills to use a map to locate and move around areas. They are working towards using an aerial map of the school to locate hidden cones in teams. Children enjoyed the activity as they beat the clock to find all the hidden cones.
During our Collective worship  last week, we celebrated the achievement of our pupils who have completed their course in fencing. There were a variety of awards handed out. For 2 of our Year 6 pupils (Darcy and Alfie), this was their 4th year attending the club, they have come a long way and received the highest award, platinum. Congratulations to everyone who achieved an award.
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Contact Rugby Tournament

On Wednesday 12th October, the school rugby team (made up of children from Years 4, 5 and 6) attended an inter school rugby tournament. The event was hosted and arranged by Culcheth Primary school in conjunction with Wolves Foundation staff. Mrs Bradbury and her inexperienced team - one of whom had only attended his first training session that week- enjoyed the invaluable experience they gained. The team were very excited and enthusiastic to be playing together for the first time. The boys played with pride and passion against a series of teams and never gave up, even despite the driving rain, and cold weather conditions.

As a school we are very proud of their attitude, determination and sportsmanship. Many of the team, 6 out of 8, had never previously played in a contact match ever. All participants were rewarded with a medal.

We would like to thank both Culcheth Primary School and Wolves Foundation for putting on such a great tournament.

Last year, there were some unforgettable sporting events in our school.
Some of our year 3/4 children were asked to represent the Wolves Foundation by playing a game of touch rugby against another school. However, this was no ordinary game, they were asked to travel to Newcastle during Super League Magic Weekend. All the Rugby League, Super League Clubs, travel to one venue to play a weekend of games. This year was held at St James Park, Newcastle. 20 very excited children, accompanied by Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Smith made the long journey. The children then got to play on the pitch before Warrington Wolves V Castleford Tigers. They played against a team of children of children fom Castleford. Afterwards, before travelling home they got to watch Warrington Wolves play.
As a result, they were invited to The Haliwell Jones, to be mascots at the Warrington Wolves V Castleford Tigers match. It was a marvellous opportunity; St Helen's felt very proud that our children got to lead the Warrington players on to the field. I am sure it will be a treasured moment for those children and for our school.