Sports Captains

Welcome to our Sports Captains page!
Our sports captains, are a group of young leaders who are committed to providing younger children with a variety of activities and games to help them form firm friendships; stay fit and active; and have fun along the way.
This term the children in Years 5 and 6 were invited to apply for the position of 'School Sport Captain.' The children had to complete an application form detailing personal qualities and reasons they would be the best person for the job. We had a great response to this appeal; the standard of applications was very high. After much deliberation, we decided to select 12 Sports Captains, consisting of Year 5 and 6 children.
 We were very impressed by these young leaders, who have taken this process seriously. We are looking forward to seeing this group develop as they begin their programme.
Sports Captains are now, weather permitting, conducting their club on the field. Sports Captains are doing a fantastic job at coming up with a variety of games to keep KS1 active whilst also having fun.
Here are a couple of our Sports Captains delivering fun outdoor games and active play during lunch times. They are doing a fantastic job and continue to get KS1 children flooding in every day!
During the first half of the Spring Term, our Sports Captains have been doing an incredible job of keeping our active clubs running during lunch. They have really taken ownership of their own sessions. From the very beginning, the club has been extremely busy every day!
Here are some quotes about what to expect at these sessions from the KS1 children who attend the clubs:
Olly: "Sports Captains do games like Stuck in the Mud."
Kyle: "I like it because they teach you to play games and are friendly."
Thomas: "We play foxes and rabbits. It's great fun!"
Having been in post for a term our sports captains are doing an amazing job. They are committed, reliable, patient and are in high demand, taking up to 20 KS1 children in their sessions per day! Each day, at least 2 sports captains have been putting on a variety of games and fun in our Reception playground area. They have a number of regular visitors and are making a huge difference to our playground. We feel very proud to have such mature, sensible young leaders at our school. 
Here are some quotes from their applications this year:
"I want the chance to work with other classes and feel I could manage small or large groups of children. I am happy to help and share my game ideas with other people." Millie
"I am caring, patient, reliable and I enjoy working with younger children. I think I am a good role model." Francesca.
"I am really good with children and would love the chance to play games with Year 1 and 2. I am kind, polite and caring." 
"I think I am funny and a good person to play with." Jasmine.
"I am sensible, kind and friendly." Hazel
"I enjoy looking after children, I am really good at sports and I have good ideas about games." Ellie.
 For the last 2 weeks, the children have received bespoke training from the change4life team.  within this training they have been taught a range of games and activities to play with the children. They have devised a timetable of when they will work. They have created posters to advertise the beginning of their clubs.
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We are going to give our sports captains some time to settle down and run their clubs; we will update you soon with some pictures and quotes from the Key stage 1 children that they are working with.