The Friends fundraising

The Friends of St Helen's School


The Friends of St Helen's School do quite a lot of fundraising. The friends are important to the school as we help out and can fund equipment that is needed by the school. We can also help to subsidise school trips to make them more affordable.


Christmas Fair

The first of The friends fundraising this year has been The Christmas Fair. This is run alongside our local church and is a great fundraiser. Once again the Christmas fair was well attended.  Father Christmas proved to be very popular as did all of the tombola's and the Kitchen. Hopefully the 'friends committee', with the help of parents, can continue to raise more funds this year with different events.

 Plant Sale
Once again, we had a lot of people buying their bedding plants through the Friends of St Helens.  We would like to thank everyone that put in a plant order.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Atherton for providing us with this fundraising activity as well as some lovely bedding plants.

 Village Carnival

This year the Friends will be running the tombola stall at the village carnival. We will soon be sending updates of how you can contribute to the carnival for the benefit of the children.